“Driven to guide as you grow”


Stringfield & Associates is a full service business law and consulting firm that advises clients in Washington D.C. and the State of Maryland.  We  collaborate with our clients to provide leading corporations strategic, legal and management advice to create and maintain competitive advantages. We  help improve performance by allowing our clients to focus on their business and not outside  issues that sidetrack their progress.

Our firm’s goal is to add value to your business and life by concentrating on your wants and needs. We strive to be a guiding hand ensuring that you retain your most valuable resources, time and money.

To accomplish this goal we provide answers without theoretical ramblings. Our firm’s dedication to providing concise, clear, and practical solutions to cross-disciplinary problems sets us apart from others in the profession.

Stringfield & Associates provides legal and business advice to everyone involved in business to achieve success. We provide support beginning at the initial negotiations stages to the completion of your goals. We also take a proactive role in resolving any subsequent disputes that may occur.

As a result of our diverse expertise in multiple disciplines, we are able to provide exceptional advice  to businesses, owners, suppliers, other entrepreneurs and individual consumers involved in any business relationship.