“Driven to guide as you grow”

Business Planning and Development

You will probably ask yourselves the following questions at some stage of your business planning process:

•          What does a lender or equity investor expect to see in a business plan?

•          How can we ensure that our business plan will not be put in the waste basket?

•          What terms can we expect?

•          How do the proposed terms compare to those of other providers?

•          What financial structure best suits our requirements?

•          Do we need an advisor to provide a buffer for negotiations with a seller or buyer?

•          Can we manage the whole process on our own?

If you can answer all of the above with confidence, manage your business and the financing process at the same time then a business and legal advisor may be an unnecessary expense. However, if you are not completely comfortable with those questions then Stringfield & Associates can serve as a source of legal and business advice for you to maneuver in today’s complex global marketplace. We are aware that challenges in business require creative solutions. We solve problems by using strong legal knowledge, business acumen and common-sense.

Starting a new business involves proper planning, financial risk, hard-work and an entrepreneurial spirit. Our attorneys are in the unique position to simultaneously guide in all the aspects of your company’s growth from our standpoint as legally trained entrepreneurs.

Our objective is to get our clients started on the right track. We have developed a forward-thinking approach to business representation while focused on developing long-term relationships. Our progressive approach to problem solving helps our clients minimize risk and improve their bottom lines.

As your trusted advisor our firm provides you with the individual attention, accountability, and cost-effective approach that your business demands. We utilize industry best practices to add value to your company. We use our expertise, time and resources to help your business maximize its success, not to increase our fees.

When you hire Stringfield & Associates, the added value will be much more than a business plan. You get invaluable advice on topics that matter, such as business structuring, capital acquisition to start or grow your business, operation strategies and legal guidance.

Realistic Financial Projections

The first section of a plan an investor reads is the financials. If those financial projections are too vague, too unrealistic, your plan will end up in the trash or not getting the full attention that it deserves. Stringfield & Associates helps you to create conservative and realistic financial projections along with what type of capital source your plan should be focused towards during different stages of funding. Investors can be categorized as:

Friends & family – They provide the initial start-up capital, <$250,000.

Business Angels – They provide small amounts of development capital, <$1 million.

Venture Capital Funds – They provide later rounds including the pre-IPO round, $1-5 million.

Our services are designed to help our clients reach their financing goals as well as anticipate realistic growth scenarios during all phases of the business life.