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General Counsel Services

Value-Based Legal Packages For Today’s Business Owner

It is important for any business owner to have a good working relationship with an experienced legal counselor. However, small and mid-size companies often have smaller budgets and cannot afford to hire an in-house attorney, instead relying on expensive outside counsel to handle the day-to-day legal needs of the business. Not only is this expensive, but also inefficient—outside counsel rarely has the intimate understanding needed to carry out the company’s vision. In addition, without sufficient counsel, other members of your team spend time dealing with legal matters instead of their particular area of expertise.

At Stringfield & Associates, LLC. we can solve all of these problems and more, by partnering with your company to provide necessary legal services. We can make sure your business or organization is in compliance with both state and federal laws and regulations, offer invaluable advice and guidance on key projects, and help with any other day-to-day needs associated with running a successful business. As your legal partner and continuous source of counsel, we will gain a thorough understanding of your business goals and objectives, as well as how you prefer to operate your business. In effect, our business law packages provide an affordable way for today’s business owner to enjoy the advantages of a knowledgeable in-house attorney.

We offer three different packages, depending on the size and needs of the business, all of which can include the following core legal services:

• Contract Review and Negotiation
• Employment Advice and Counseling
• Human Resources Advice and Counseling
• Insurance Review and Risk Analysis
• Lease Drafting and Review
• Non-Disclosure/Licensing Agreements
• Entity Formation, Governance and Record Maintenance
• State and Federal Compliance Review
• Dispute Resolution
• Day-to-Day Legal Advice
• Day-to-Day Business Counseling
• Legal Alerts and Updates

Our Value-Based Packages
The packages offered below are designed to fit the needs of businesses in different stages of development. All include Stringfield & Associates’s value-based billing model to help organizations with their monthly budgeting needs. Monthly subscription charges include discounted attorney time and work product for the range of hours desired. Small variations will not be charged additional fees. If a client uses more than the target time for 2 months, the fee will be adjusted accordingly for future engagements. There are no extra charges for emails, phone calls, copy charges, facsimile charges, and other items often seen as profit centers by firms using the billable hour model.

These monthly subscription packages represent a discount of 12% to 22% off of our normal hourly fees.

Monthly Fee: $390.00/month
Monthly Hours: Approximately 2 hours of Attorney time per month

The Strategy Plan focuses on helping small business organizations and sole proprietorships in the private sector, usually with fewer than 5 employees. Services include:
• Bringing our strategic partnerships and relationships with other professionals to the business owner for assistance in all areas of business;
• Basic advice and counseling on general business and employment matters. Helping the business owner find the self-help resources they need. Being a confidential sounding board for ideas, brainstorming, and consulting;
• An initial 2 to 3 hour session with management and key employees to gain an understanding of your company, your industry as a whole and how we can best help you achieve your goals (when the first 2 months are paid in advance).

Level 2: The GROWTH PLAN
Monthly Fee: $760.00/month
Monthly Hours: Approximately 4 hours of Attorney time per month

The GROWTH Plan focuses on smaller businesses with approximately 5 to 15 employees in the private sector. These businesses have sometimes developed into corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies (LLC). Services include all those services described in the STRATEGY PLAN, plus the following:
• Comprehensive business and employment counseling;
• Working with you to ensure your business is engaged in the appropriate industry trade associations and support organizations;
• Working with you to ensure your assets are protected by maintaining corporate records, minutes and adhering to the formalities necessary to prevent courts from disregarding the limited liability entity and holding your personal assets liable for losses;
• Drafting of an employee handbook and auditing other policies;
• Your Stringfield & Associates attorney can obtain an email address at your business to maintain the impression that you have an in-house attorney.

a) Monthly Fee and Hours: $1,125.00/month for up to 6 Hours of Attorney time per Month
b) Monthly  Fee and Hours: $2,750.00/month for up to 13 Hours of Attorney time per Month

The EXPANSION Plan is ideal for small to mid-size businesses with 15 to 200 employees in the private sector. Services include those described in the STRATEGY AND GROWTH PLANS, plus the following:
• Full suite of business and employment advice and counseling services, including guidance on FMLA, ADA, OSHA, etc
• Compliance counseling
• Employee handbook creation (or audit)
• Risk assessment and insurance review
• Contract drafting
• Attorney can spend time on-site to attend employee meetings, vendor contract negotiations, etc
• Corporate record maintenance, annual meeting support

To learn more about our firm, and what our way of doing business can do for yours, please contact us for an initial meeting.